my strings are made of raw silk, red, and rotted at sea and knotted around me.
lu han // 22
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nocturnusxjongin asked: /he bows slightly, out of habit before bringing his hand up to wave it, only his fingers wiggling a bit, offering a small smile; I'm Jongin. A pleasure to meet you.

(/he mirrors the smile you’ve offered him, bowing in return before straightening himself out, patting his sides down) Hello, Jongin. (/his gaze moves to you) It is a pleasure to meet you, I am Lu Han.

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-rests her hands on her hips and gives a small nod before resolving to hold out and arm, offering a handshake- It’s a pleasure to meet you as well, Lu Han. How are you today?

(/he shakily reaches out to put his hand in yours, giving it a quick shake before dropping your hand) I am doing well. (/his fingers curl around the muffin base as he examines it) And you, Kwon BoA?

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guardianxboa asked: Thank you kindly for returning the follow, stranger. -bows her head and offers a recently baked muffin- The name's BoA. Kwon BoA. And you are?

Oh. Hello, there. (/he blinks a few times before bowing his head in return, taking the muffin with a small smile) I am Lu Han. It is very nice to meet you, Kwon BoA.

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☪ — (‘a Cheshire smile of satisfaction curls upon his lips; going ajar as he pulls away, his eyes adoringly watching the young toy in front of him, endearment becoming evident in each coming second) My pretty princess.. are you still in your day clothes? Come, I will change you. (‘fingers meander down the curve of his waist, dancing over the frills of the dress he’d situate him in earlier, locking his finger around the puppet’s digits with a soft tug along) 

(/his eyes become trained on your face, fighting away a twitch that threatens to occur, nodding his head a few times when a question is asked) I am still in my day clothes. Neither you nor master have changed me out of my day clothes. (/his line of vision trails down to the feminine clothing on his body, watching your fingers move along the ruffle of his dress, fingers coming to loosely curl his finger around yours when it meets his)

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(/digits caress the down of his cheeks, ascending in a slide down towards his neck to cup the nape, tugging him close; forcefully, protectively, as his lips plant upon the cheek of his cream skin, grazing over a faint stitch) Daddy is happy…

(/he stands still as your fingers trails across his sensitive skin, a slight twitch causing his eye to blink shut for a quick second as your lips land against the cool of his cheek) I am glad Daddy is happy. That is all I want.

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yifantry-deactivated20130402 asked: My pretty princess, oh my darling. How have I dearly missed your sweet, porcelain skin upon my lips. Come here, princess. Come here, into my embrace.

Hello, daddy. You should know by now that I will always be here for you to hold. (/he takes a few steps forward, a crooked smile appearing on his face as he approaches you)

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4/? Colorings of  엑소.

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